100 word assignment – WEEK 5

"Lord, we will recapture them" 

Luthien licked his lips with a tongue that was suddenly dry.
He knelt quickly, head bowed to hide his fear. 

"Angels are not so easily caught." The malignant voice rustled like
autumn leaves on cobbles. "Your successor has already been chosen."

A cowled figure emerged from the sepulchre, gnarled fingers traced
a pattern in the air. A lightning ball crackled into existence over
the guardmaster's head.

"Your time is over"

Luthien prostrated himself and wailed as the globe engulfed him,
charring the life from his form before evaporating. What was left
collapsed, smoking, to the flagstones.

10 thoughts on “100 word assignment – WEEK 5

    • Man of mystery! Guess it keeps em guessing … Thanks, sal, enjoyed reading yours too, they’re more humorous than mine. I just have a penchant for gothic horror …
      ps ‘bottle bottoms’ – neat, now I know why he was so taken in, AND his wife let him humiliate himself, hilarious!

    • Cheers Lynda, I enjoyed writing it, even ran over on the lunch hour so had to stay later to catch up! Everyone has made a real effort in this group so didn’t want to disappoint.

    • Thanks sparks, kinda tapped into some dark recess during my lunch hour! v–v Did a few of the past assignments to get a feel for this, think I’ve got hooked. Thanks Sal!

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