100 word assignment – WEEK 3

"So its true then, there is no hope?" The old man and his friends
gazed with yearning at the impassive Gates.

Micheal regarded the unfortunates with undisguised pity. A queue
of similar individuals snaked into the distance.

He shook his head. 

"I am sorry, you each had your chance but I dont make the rules.
If only you had not insisted on proof ..."

He closed the Book. 

Spiritfire rent the firmament and blazed as a pyre around the

"Give your regards to my brother."

Their cries were heard, plummeting earthwards, until the last
echo was swallowed by the void.

2 thoughts on “100 word assignment – WEEK 3

    • Didn’t think anyone was reading these! Thanks. This one seemed to just come to me, the others took a lot more effort. Probably because the plot had, hmm, already been written, so to speak!

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