100 word assignment – WEEK 6

He exhaled slowly. Time was short. 

He moved with a panther's grace to the Dojo steps.
Lamp light flickered in the evening breeze.

"That is far enough."

His master's behest might once have commanded obedience. Now, a
memory turned sour. He approached the silhouette without bowing. 

"My brother is dead. You tricked me." His voice wept regret.
"And I believed you." 

The immortal blade was suddenly lightning in his hand.

"Have a care, Lo Chen, you came this far when the sun shone,
but now it is dark."

The sensei's eyes were milky with cataracts.

"And I have lived my life in the shadows."

14 thoughts on “100 word assignment – WEEK 6

  1. I just want to know the background, what is going on, who are they etc? You’ve got an unusual and very stylised way of writing, enjoyed reading this a lot. A great mix of speech, and scene setting :O) @Chaoskay

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