100 word assignment – WEEK 7

By and by, the three claimed the safety of the Growlery.
All had been pheasantly rewarded.

"I saw Flouncer today" The larger dog leered at his younger cousin.
"She was watching you."

"Lay off, Jack" Merrydance was in no mood for a brabble. Her eye
twinkled at Bobbin's. "The poor tod's only got eyes for Moonchaser."

Ficklejack snorted derisively. "Forget her, pal, that vixen's way
out of your league, you'll only foozle yourself "

He yawned, displaying a glitter of fangs.

"Trust me, you'll have to face the Chickenman to impress her."

Bobbintail thought hard. A challenge like that could not easily
be ignored.

10 thoughts on “100 word assignment – WEEK 7

  1. I love the creativity coming from this weeks posts. I can picture all of these dogs drinking beer and drooling over bitches (meant in dog terms of course).

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