An accident: Fearne’s story

Looking back, I wonder whether I was really there. It still feels
so vivid, but like it happened to another. Sometimes I feel
like crying, running to mum, or hiding under the covers but I
remind myself that at least I wasn't hurt. It seems silly, but I
feel guilty about only getting a few cuts. James had to be taken
to hospital with glass in his eye; his clothes, hair and skin were
covered in broken fragments that grazed his arms when the
windshield shattered. I bet hes still in shock. He's only 
just got a proper nights sleep and I'm sure he's not exaggerating.
The terrible impact, the shriek of grinding metal, the tortured
confusion leave me cold at night and he still hears them too.
All my friends say they're over it but I recall their stricken,
terrified faces, even when the bus had finally stopped moving.
They wont easily forget, you can see it in their eyes.

My parents are getting me through this, though: my mum couldn't
stop kissing and hugging, my dad took me horse riding and even my
sister made me a card. Awful memories may seem real, but not as
real as a family's love.

3 thoughts on “An accident: Fearne’s story

  1. …couple of pints…should be able to drive home…floor’s a bit wobbly…maybe i had more than two…leave the car? no s’raining not walking in this…shit two cars which one’s mine? s’okay same car…just a bit blurry…home soon…can’t believe i didn’t pull tonight…

    accelerator’s a bit lively tonight better be careful…shit where did that wall come from? good job i have lightning reflexes…nearly hit it…shit think i hit something else…porsche nice car…looks a bit crumpled did i do that? how to play this? be cool wasn’t my fault…here comes the driver ooh lady driver…nice tits…nice legs…nice tits…look at her face look at her face look at her tits no face…nice lips wonder what they feel like? lips moving talking…focus focus…nice lips…tits are jiggling…like to get my lips round those…wonder what those legs would feel like wrapped round nooo focus on the face and smile…switch on the charm might get a legover…my fault…so sorry…i’ll pay for the damage…write your number on your tits no this piece of paper…cheek hurts…think she slapped me…what did i do?

    • *Great* angle on the whole episode. Broken thoughts, inspired! Well laterally thought out with understated humour, you’re better at that than me. I actually enjoyed it more than mine, because of the fragmented male POV, esp the profanity & lechery – yep, I haven’t been drunk for a while but I think thats pretty bang on for a particular breed of bloke. I think hes more alpha male than me, I’d probably keel over and snore! I’m thinking beligerent stockbroker / rogue trader / city boy, he of the cock sure arrogant chauvinism. All that would go through his mind and he’d wonder why she even parked there, wasn’t she asking to be hit? He deserved all he got. Hope she fleeced him. Thanks for upping the bar …

      ps liked how it was just a knock and not a full on collision. I thought I’d redo mine over the weekend to get a girlfriend’s reaction to, say, destroying her SOs artwork and all she thought as she tried to salvage the ruin. But I never got round to it 😦

  2. Powerful stuff! At first I thought she was responsible for it so it was a surprise when it wasn’t. Really perceptive about the feelings of guilt, and the put-on bravado of the friends. Nicely done! Much more grown-up writing than my attempt.

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