100 word assignment – WEEK 9 (part 1)

<its slightly long, but I think I've distilled it as much as I can>

It woz 'alf pas' four but it felt like I'd bin servin' cake awl day!

"I do hope George is at the ball tonight."
My lady really fancies 'im! 

'owever, Dowag'r Lady Davenport woz right narked.

"Gracious no, my dear! What can you be thinking ... he's the
disgraced son of a gambler!"

She waved 'er 'and at me to pour another cuppa. I woz creasin' up
inside. Course, I 'ad to 'old it proper like or i'd 'av spilt it
all over the bat.

"Colonel Cunninghams' eldest is a far better match.
Could you at least have one dance together?"

By the look on 'er face, I knew right well wot Lady Mary
thought o' that!

10 thoughts on “100 word assignment – WEEK 9 (part 1)

    • Thanks, SJ, thought you’d like it 🙂 I spend 15 mins jotting down what the character might say and think, just random phrases, to get inside their head, I suppose like an actor must do. Celia does like period dramas, for me, its the lavish sets and wordplay.

    • Dont be. Impressed by your poetry and Kits predicament. I appreciate your writing style too. I need to work on comedy and poetry, so might submit a poem next, weak at that. I dont want to get too comfortable …

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