100 word assignment – WEEK 9 (part 2)

See part 1 from right menu for 'UPSTAIRS, DOWNSTAIRS' in previous post.

Her eyes lingered a moment too long on his expression and she knew
all pretense was a meaningless distraction. Reason gave way to
yearning, then fled beyond discretion.

She needed him. 

Her heatbeat quickened. Recklessly, she stole a kiss from his lips,
savouring his heat, then drank with unabashed desire. She loosened
his cravat, heedless of reproof; his cologne, reminiscent
of woodland glades in summer.

There was no turning back now, Mary thought.

She searched his face for some vestige of denial, finding only a
rising ardour, a mirror to her own. 

Her fingers began unbuttoning his shirt.

His wife would have to wait a little longer ...

11 thoughts on “100 word assignment – WEEK 9 (part 2)

  1. I love the title – very clever! If this is the same Mary as part 1, then she really does pick them – disgraced son of a gambler AND a married man. Her mother will be having palpitations!

    • I’d like to think that Lady Davenport (her grandmother) knows so little about George because he’s disgraced (that’s enough, being the son of a gambler and married are incidental) that she’s unaware he’s even married. Hes already discarded out of hand. It might even be a forced marriage because he got her preggers, so he keeps it quiet. Haven’t decided yet. He’s not quite the blackguard he seems, though, hes more a lovable scoundrel. He was framed which is why hes disgraced and he cant help his fathers vices. Bit of a multifaceted character. Agreed, Mary does like to live a little … 😀

    • Thanks Anna, It wouldn’t have been so dark had I left out the last line, but I couldn’t resist dropping it in! I’ve never read a Mills and Boon so I’m not sure whether it was too gushing or frothy or even if I got her perspective right. I’m not sure they are even this dark. I was up til 2pm getting my mind round this one…

    • I dont write professionally, but I’m starting to think I’ll give it a go! Some styles come easier than others and this one needed a lot a ‘getting into character’. Your making me think it might not be so far fetched afterall. Thanks 🙂

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