100 word assignment – WEEK 10 (part 1)

tailors dummy

Bridget Moans
Oh bum, its been twenty minutes since Miss "Flaky" Dandridge gave
us this park project and I'm bored already! Luckily, I copied
Trisha's pad when she wasn't looking, but Stacey let me trace her's
for some gloss. And Darren's number. Cow.

Now I've got to draw this weed on my own. Tragic. Cos I gave Stace
the wrong number (Ha!) and Trish caught me cribbing. Again.

If they really were my friends, they'd do it all for me.
God, it looks a mess!

I know, I'll just add a couple of 'anatomical improvements', that
should be good for a laugh!

11 thoughts on “100 word assignment – WEEK 10 (part 1)

  1. A-w-t-s You have a frightening ability to get inside a teenage girl’s head and you get her thoughts down on paper so accurately. I feel like bowing down and saying “I’m not worthy” over and over. It never occurred to me to add extra (human) characters into the piece!

    • Maybe I should quit while I’m ahead :). I’m only planning for when my daughters that age and I can outwit her (Ha!). Wracked my brain for a while trying to squeeze out inspiration until a school trip popped into my head. Phew! Do you remember thinking these stuff like this? I think boys just go round hitting things.

      • I never thought like that, but I think I missed the teenage years somehow. I went from child to middle-aged over night! But I have come across plenty of teenage girls in recent years and they all talk and act like this.

  2. HAHAHAHAHA! :/ I dont think you’re kidding are you? Go ahead, knock yourself out, both of you! Remember, I probably still have some of you, Sal. Somewhere in my drawer of dog-eared BONUSPRINTS ;D Worried ….? (come to think of it, probably not, i’ll have to get creative in Photoshop!)

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