100 word assignment – WEEK 10 (part 2)

(previous post) first at the link below before you read this one.

Uh, this is so dull! What does this sign say? Some pompous
stuff about a guy called Blowchump. Whatever! He so needs to get
a life. Probably gay too.

Where's Trish and Stace? Oh, they're at some flowery bear thing.
Or elephant. Dunno. Cute. In a baby way. And they're sniggering.
They're really immature, bet they're whispering about me.
Don't care, me n' Darren are gonna deep snog later. Lush!

OMG, that thing just moved! That's wicked cool! Blowchump
should have thought of that.

Oh no, Flaky's seen me. Where can I put this fag?
I know, open wide Gilbert!

9 thoughts on “100 word assignment – WEEK 10 (part 2)

  1. This made me crease up! Loved the bit about Blowchump – can just imagine them really pronouncing it that way. And Gilbert’s going to be breathing fire for real at this rate.
    Vicious prompt and you manage two – count’em TWO pieces. You are a jayneeooss my dear boy.

    • Heck, I’ve only just uploaded this. You’re looking over my shoulder! 😀 I’d better do some work now, even though I’d rather think Bridget. Meeting tomorrow, so best be ready. Glad you liked it. You and Dughall helped on this one. But that’s enough till next Monday.

    • Not at all, I enjoyed your’s and SJs the most, so had to work them in somehow, especially as all three (mine too) seemed to naturally go together. Couldn’t pass it up. Thanks for the inspiration! 😀

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