100 word assignment – WEEK 11 (first submission)

IMPORTANT: Please read WEEK 4 of this blog first (use the search)
- this is a continuation of that piece.

YOUNG BLOOD (part 2)
"So, Robert, how DID you find me?" She winced, imperceptibly.

He held the cross steady. It was silver, heavy, blessed by the
Abbot himself. And would not be nearly enough. He rallied his faith.

"It wasn't hard. That creature you sent to kill me couldn't help
but gloat."

"Out of the mouths of babes?" Again, the playful banter.

"Dont play coy with me, Anjelica. We both know that a child was
the last thing she was."

A light breeze fluttered the curtains; they bulged, a form
coalesced within the folds.

Casually, the queen parted them.

"You mean like this one."

6 thoughts on “100 word assignment – WEEK 11 (first submission)

  1. I guessed this one was yours from the title. Good to see you back with the vampires. I enjoyed seeing how the piece from week 4 evolved. Hope to see you returning to this one again in the future. I read these in a different way since the chat we had about graphic novels – I can see them working really well in that format.

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