100 word assignment – WEEK 11 (second submission)

YOUNG BLOOD can be found as the first submission below this one.

THE MIDDLE KINGDOM (Have you ever seen us?)
Have you ever seen us, out the corner of your eye?
Discarded brief imaginings, a momentary lie.

Children babble wonders, while the world remains aloof.
'Out of the mouths of babes', are heard; we smile at your reproof.

You rarely trust your instincts, your realm is not your own.
How quickly magic fades to dust when perched upon a throne.

We do not tease, beguile or trick as legends willingly suppose.
But beware our fickle nature, as a thorn upon a rose.

To disparage younger fantasies, or make a vengeful dare.
Is to invite a starborn Faerie to the urgency of prayer.

13 thoughts on “100 word assignment – WEEK 11 (second submission)

  1. Poetry a swell. Well done you for trying something so tricky. The first two lines are my favourites – love the idea of discarding something from your imagination that actually turns out to be real. Reminds me a bit of the Dr Who series 4 episode where Dr Moon tells the little girl “This world is a lie. Your nightmares are real.”

    • Not sure what sort of reception I’d get, SJ, but its something different and I was trying to think out the box. Struck me as being bit pretentious and definitely a bit beyond me but … what the hell πŸ™‚ I’m willing to stick my neck out … Haven’t seen that DR Who story – with Tennant or Smith, I guess, I stopped watching after Tennant, but might catch up on YouTube. That line just popped into my head, the rest was a bit of a stretch!

      • Tennant – of course! Matt Smith is far too wet to be the Doctor – I still watch out of habit but don’t enjoy it as much. The epsiode I’m talking about is the one in the library with Catherine Tate and the Vashta Nerada (or however you spell it). I think all poetry is a bit pretentious – it’s kind of obligatory! I had a go at it myself for my writing course, but I hated it!

        Yours has a proper rhythm and rhyme which I like. I think all poetry should rhyme – otherwise what’s the point?

  2. Yep, I enjoyed the Tate and Tennant episodes, she was a refreshing change, better repartee! I think I only missed a couple. Have to agree, Matt is wet, but his assistant could sway it for me πŸ™‚ Yes, I can see you roll your eyes! Dont know what the stories are like, but could easily catch up on Wikipedia, fount of all knowledge that it is πŸ˜› Think I’ll wait for the next prompt now, just got Writer’s Bureau course through! Might be a little less active ….

    • Thanks, Susan! I felt like I was sitting on the edge with this piece! But then I heard a good phrase the other day – if you’re not sitting on the edge, you’re taking up too much room. Glad you didn’t find it too fanciful πŸ™‚

    • Cheers Anna, I thought it might have been taken as a bit too much. It wasn’t done all at once, but two lines at a time, with a bit of massaging to find words that fit, scanned and had meaning. I had to come back to it more than once before I was satisfied and was prepared to submit. Beats watching TV, for sure!

    • I originally thought ‘… when you are fully grown’, Robin, but it didn’t have the punch of ‘throne’; I initially had ‘world’ in the previous line which I changed to ‘realm’ so that it fitted with that wording. I dont think poetry comes very naturally, takes a bit of practice, but glad you liked the first attempt πŸ™‚

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