100 word assignment – WEEK 12 (first submission)


Amid global anxiety that the Eurozone will suffer the worst crash since 1929, the local residents of Little Horndon-on-the-Hill, Essex claim to know the answer.

Extensive statistical analysis of the deepening crisis have unearthed a sympathetic increase in ‘crusty jugglers’ leading to an obvious devaluing of well-to-do homes and an undermining of common decency. Leading the highly intuitive investigative team, Detectives Matt Blunder and Nick “Your Nicked” the Tinker support the findings. “Them travellers need a %$£*?! good wash.”

Calls from middle England gentry to napalm Dale Farm for ‘The Greater Good’ have not been ruled out. The enquiry continues.


11 thoughts on “100 word assignment – WEEK 12 (first submission)

  1. Considering you said on Monday that you thought this was a tough prompt, you’ve managed another double entry with seeming ease! I love the last paragraph – great way to solve the problem!

    • Actually, a lot of the credit goes to Celia for coming up with the ‘Hot Fuzz’ name dropping and hoody overtones and James for leaving the DVD lying around. I was stumped all day Tuesday (well, lunchtime) for any sort of inspiration – I really thought I was defeated! Even read others to see what they had submitted before I attempted the prompt, I was digging that deep. I dont think journalism is really up my street (maybe as a columnist?) – I was up till 3am polishing this one. And they usually come easier than this.

  2. It was a tough one to find a different angle for. I was lucky to be hit by a bolt of lightning on Monday night, otherwise I’d still be staring at the prompt now. I don’t like reading the others till I’ve done mine, coz then I can’t be influenced.
    What’s your first WB assignment? Not journalism I hope!

    • “Why I want to be a writer!” in not more than 300 words. Think they’re quite strict on that. Like Julia. I think there’s a journalistic element in there somewhere though … 😦 Just have to grit my teeth and plough on though when I get there.

      • Think you get a bit of leeway on the wordcount. But after Julia’s strict 100 words only, 300 is going to seem a breeze! There’s bound to be some modules you hate. I had to grit my teeth for the comics (!) and poetry modules.

  3. This is such good fun! You have such a talent and take us off on such wonderful paths. It is topical in both senses – Euro & travellers! It is great to have such talent shared on the 100WCGU!

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