100 word assignments – WEEK 13

Past all prediction, this unseasonal weather,
Summer contesting his empire with Fall,
From the murmur of leaves as they whisper together,
To the keening lament of a carrion squall,
My feelings seem bound to a floating down feather.
How can I believe that its over at all?

Where did they go, the years ever turning?
I think of the good times that made us so rare.
But tempted by others, we parted, tears burning,
With guilt's heavy burden, a lifetime to bear.
Could we ever regain what we lost to base yearning?
Like the sun out of season, find courage to dare?

14 thoughts on “100 word assignments – WEEK 13

  1. Another great one. This one sounds so professional in could have come straight from the pages of a published poetry anthology. I love the idea of the sun daring to shine out of season, and then comparing that to a relationship. Brilliant!

  2. @ Alison and Dughall:
    Some lines just pop into your head and you cant let them go! It was going to be “a bird in a squall” but it didn’t sound right, too lame. Dull bird was wrong after a keening lament. So why not let the wind lament? Carrion just appeared after a couple of hours of doing something entirely different. Same was true for some of the other lines too. Glad you both enjoyed it enough to encourage me further.

  3. This is stunning and so much stronger than mine! I love the way the seasons change from the heat of passion to whatever autumn has to offer. Thanks so much for sharing!

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