50 word assignment – WEEK 15

I am a picture, bold and clear,
In early times, a thing to fear.
I have no frame, yet canvas vast,
As permanent as things gone past.
My hues are as the autumn leaves,
The essence of what Man believes.
My brother is but me reversed,
Bound by shadow is our curse.

What am I?

Note: there's one line that distinguishes the two.

19 thoughts on “50 word assignment – WEEK 15

  1. I knew as soon as I saw the title in the list that this one was yours and that your were going to make my brain hurt again! I love the rhyme in this. I think I’ve got the answer, but I’ll keep quiet till others have had a chance to read.

  2. First time here and to participate in the challenge. I like the way you used the prompt.

    Haven’t played at riddles for a long time πŸ™‚

    • thankyou, that means a lot coming from you, julia. now that a weeks gone by I can reveal that the answer is …… a sunset. The line ‘in earlier times a thing to fear’, i hope distinguishes it from a sunrise in that cavemen thought the sun was being swallowed at sunset and feared it. The rest of it is and could refer to either one or the other. thanks for trying it out.

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