100 word assignment – WEEK 16

In the run up to Halloween, recognize this particular Family?
Once you do, it all makes sense …
NB. For all those seeking an answer to last weeks riddle , it was …. a sunset. More detail in reply to Julia in last weeks blog entry.

One more Thing about Burgers …

“Really, Mother, not another of granny’s vile lunchbox meals.”

Morticia sighed. “Darling, please, the other children were traumatized when the last tentacle escaped.” She sounded confused.

The hag continued to wield the offending pan haphazardly while Thing attempted to elope with the contents.

Wednesday pouted. “Well, from now on I only eat triffid.” She poked her trussed brother a second time in the eye with a fork.

“Uncle Fester could always feed it to his fly traps” she added archly.

Fester lunged for the pan but Thing and his friend had no intention of relinquishing the hamburger without a fight.


12 thoughts on “100 word assignment – WEEK 16

    • Well, you might be in luck next week πŸ˜› Guess you’ve not gone to the salon for the last ten years! But its v apt, you did have great hair at uni, probably still have! I’m looking forward to my free ghost walk if I dont get toppled v–v πŸ˜‰

      • Only 2 hours left so unless there’s a rush of last minute entries, you are the winner. Apparently we are breaking FB Ts and Cs if we announce winner on the FB page (apparently we are breaking them by running the comp in the first place, although we didn’t realise that when we set it up), and as none of us want to get kicked off we won’t be announcing winner on page. If you send me your email address we’ll sort your prize out for you though.

  1. Couldn’t fit all characters in but it seems to work, Duggy. Disembodied hands got me thinking and didn’t want to get heavy on the prompt. Archly does fit better than slyly.

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