100 word assignment – WEEK 18 prequel

As suggested by SJ, a prequel to ‘Out on the Wire’:

OUT ON THE WIRE (prequel) 
It was hot, green and hot. God, I hate this war, Kellar
thought. Sweat lubricated his fatigues. The navigator
hailed him.

"The drop zone's two clicks, Captain. We can just make

"Take the locals ahead, Jefferson. We'll cover you."

The gooks were out there, somewhere, behind, maybe even
ahead. They yomped the distance in silence, eyes alert,
fingers trigger-light. 

The foliage thinned; a gunship
nestled in the clearing but Kellar noticed the blades
were already turning. A figure ran towards him.

"We have to leave them, sir, We're over capacity as it

O'Brien dared Kellar's gaze.

"Afterall, they are expendable."

2 thoughts on “100 word assignment – WEEK 18 prequel

    • Ha Ha Ha! Well, I’ll write the sequel to the middle 100 first. But that will take a little longer. Got to get it right, or you’ll think you’ve been cheated 😉

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