100 word assignment – WEEK 18 sequel

OUT ON THE WIRE (sequel) 
O'Brien swore, grimacing. His captain would die for these
people. Thoughts conflicted, nobel ones lost. In war, stray
bullets found many targets. He raised his browning.

Kellar blazed away, oblivious.

Without warning, a refugee toppled from the hatch, his head,
a scarlet ruin. Simultaneously, agonizing fire ignited Kellar's

O'Brien was there in an instant, helping him to safety.
Eager hands dragged him aboard.

"Sergeant, I told you to leave"

The helicopter rose, accelerating skywards. 

Jefferson: "We left Carter, Sir. He bought it."

Kellar's lips twisted grimly.

"And one of the locals. We couldn't lose you too."

O'Brien said nothing at all.

4 thoughts on “100 word assignment – WEEK 18 sequel

  1. Well, I’ll definitely consider it, Sal 🙂 🙂 Originally, I thought of giving him a hero’s death, then you said otherwise, which made sense, so I saved him, wounded as suggested. So I decided to craft O’Brien as morally ambiguous: loyal and brave, yet willing to sacrifice strangers to save his captain whom he admires. He *was* going to die for his actions:

    “Gunfire chattered, unrelenting. Abruptly, O’Brien coughed crimson. A second vivid burst stitched across his chest and he collapsed. Kellar’s lips twisted grimly. As the helicopter rose, he watched the body grow smaller until it vanished in the green.”

    But, he seemed too complex a character to kill off, so I granted him a reprieve so that he could make some more dubious decisions in the future! Someone had to die though, so that they could escape so a GI nobody knew seemed the most plausible way out. Big question is, did O’Brien really act on his thoughts or was the villager truly a legitimate victim? :/

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