150 word assignment: WEEK 19

“Gabriel, if I may ask a question?”

“Of course”

“I don’t wish to criticize the Creator’s judgement, but are you sure it
should be that colour?”

“It is not for me to comment, Uriel, I am meerly His messenger.”

“But its so red, crimson even, it does not seem right that we should
tempt them so blatently.”

“He does not tempt. Our fallen brother does that. Our Lord tests. Cast
such doubts from your mind and accept His wisdom.”

“They will fail, you know.”

“Naturally, Eden is too perfect. All is provided. In such a place how
can they begin to learn, to grow, to hope? There can only be one

“And how many times has He done this? I lose count.”

“Enough! You risk expulsion. And you have duties to perform. Guard
the Gate and let nothing escape.”

“As you wish”

“And inform the Light Bringer that he may enter now.”


17 thoughts on “150 word assignment: WEEK 19

    • Ah, Just biblical folklore really, sparks. Uriel was the archangel who guarded the Gates of Eden. Gabriel’s pithy justification alludes to how a loving God could allow evil in the world. And I’m sure you can guess who the Light Bringer is …

  1. Aha – typical Andy-w-t-s-style. I would have picked this out as yours even if it wasn’t on your blog. I think you have definitely found your writing voice. This is fabulous – as always :-)*

  2. So glad you found that this one gave you such motivation that you were able to write despite life! It is a great piece and we will miss you until you are back with us! xx

    • I dont really want to leave as feel I’ve got the momentum going. Tell you what, I’ll try and submit fri or sat as during the week is a bit hectic. See how it goes.

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