100 word challenge – WEEK 21 extra

old windowPunalada Trapera
“Muy bien, amigos.” Rodrigo’s gaze embraced the remaining banditos. Each was worth more dead than alive. “We keel ze treacherous cur when he returns.”

Muttered assent drifted round the cabin.

“Ze raid *was* heez idea, Rodrigo” Miguel spat tobacco on the floor.
“We lost half ze gang at El Paso. Zey knew we were coming.”

His brother nodded, then started. They all heard it. The creak of floorboards just outside the door. Pistols slipped from leather in greased unison and the shack thundered to gunfire.

Something red clattered through the broken window.

A blistered moment passed before anyone recognized the lit, crackling stick.


15 thoughts on “100 word challenge – WEEK 21 extra

  1. You just can’t help it can you? All this talk of having no time, but you know you love this too much to keep away 😉 And this week TWO entries. Love the phrase “a blistered moment”.

    • Yeah yeah, it just popped into my head sat morning at 5am and couldn’t sleep. And felt slightly guilty I …er, cheated this week, so had to submit something original. 🙂 That was going to be a ‘frozen moment’, but how much ice can there be in Mexico? Blistered seemed more apt, like it was raw after gunfire …

  2. Love it! Great scene setting! Left me wondering what happened next. And thanks for your very complimentary comment on my poem – very kind, and much appreciated.

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