100 word assignment – WEEK 22

Hugo lingered by a recent grave.
Gas light fractured the boneyard smog behind him.

Victor grew uneasy. “Why are we here?”

Wistfully, his partner caressed the headstone bell.
“What if your elixir could be used to cheat death as well as prolong life?”

“That last vial was flawed. Unpredictable. To use it would be madness.”
Victor fought a rising dread. “Ye gods, you destroyed it … didn’t you?”

The bell on the nearest tomb twitched spasmodically, then started to chime.

“Tell me” Hugo mused, glassy-eyed, “Is it me or are bells ringing?”

Victor felt a horror he had never known as, all around him, graves began to peel.

(Yes, it could be the same Victor!)
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23 thoughts on “100 word assignment – WEEK 22

  1. Chilling atmosphere – it’s got a real black and white horror film feel to it. I love the phrase “graves began to peel” – I can just picture it happening slowly with some suitably scary music playing on screen, and the sound of the bells over the top. Brrrr!

    • Boris Karloff, Peter Cushing, Christopher Lee … all the greats! Hammer really hammed it up, I remember! Trying to get that theatrical feel. Hope I don’t put others off 🙂

    • I see what you mean, Sparks, there are a couple of ambiguous lines there. Hopefully the sentence grouping makes it a bit clearer. Victors confused, Hugo’s (likely) insane (or deluded). Both don’t know whats going to happen next. Probably something Thriller-esque!

    • He might still have taken it, madness might be a side effect. Question is, how did he use it on the cadavres and how long does it take to work? I dont think he has, though, I think he’s just obsessed with possibilities. Appreciate your interpretation.

  2. scary thought – waking the dead, but how many people wish they could… I wonder if you can cheat death like this and get back the person who left or if it turns out dreadful in some way. I’m thinking of “The Monkey’s Paw”

  3. be careful what you wish for…i thought along those lines too but couldnt do the idea justice in 100 words. i think all those victorian authors had something to say about mans hubris and disturbing the natural order in the name of progress.

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