50/50 word assignment – WEEK 24 (beginning 1)

I’m going to get panned for this but, what the $%^£, its Christmas!

Strange. An unusual title for a book. Heavy too. Seal skin bound and embossed with glyphs in a tongue she bearly understood. Her fingers traced the delicate clam shell clasp. A wholly unknown world surged within. Inexplicably, Julia’s head filled with rolling breakers and the call of gulls. Poseidon beckoned.

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Link to Ventahl ENDINGS


15 thoughts on “50/50 word assignment – WEEK 24 (beginning 1)

  1. I would love a book like that – they are my passion. As for you and your liberty taking – as you say, it’s Christmas & I’m beginning to expect these occurances now! I can’t wait to see where the others take this one!!

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