50/50 word assignment – WEEK 24 (beginning 2)

The Royal Glade of Faerie basked in azure warmth. All around spoke of languid dreams and indolent days. Alyssa stood, poised, wings resplendant, her lyre, a thing of beauty. She began to play, a sharp and haunting lilt that frosted leaves and misted breath. And, in that cherished moment, summer fled.

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10 thoughts on “50/50 word assignment – WEEK 24 (beginning 2)

  1. Oh this is wonderful! I have a huge book of fairies that has this picture in it. Absolutely beautiful! I can imagine there are going to be lots of adventures for these girls!!

  2. Another wonderful beginning, magical! I just went and had a look at Gill’s ‘part two’ which really did your ‘part one’ justice. Very inspiring.

    • Ethereal. Yes, you’ve captured what I was trying to compose in a word. Fairies are fickle magical beings, so I wanted a style that complimented their world. Cheers for continuing it so adoitly, Julia.

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