50/50 word assignment – WEEK 24 (Decisions: part 3)

This is the third part to SJB’s “Decisions
Part 2 can be found at The Scribbles of Girltaristhan
Damn it! Why didn’t she drink the wine? Did she suspect? He’d already excused himself once. Had she switched glasses? He surreptitiously examined his own for lipstick. Faint traces marred the edge. Clever girl. He’d have to get rough.

Without warning, light flooded the room to the skid of tyres.

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Link to Ventahl ENDINGS


14 thoughts on “50/50 word assignment – WEEK 24 (Decisions: part 3)

    • Aggghh, just realised a glaring plot hole – why would she leave lipstick on a glass she thought was poisoned, doh! Unless, she’d drank from her own bottle she’d brought earlier and he filled up the same glass with his brew? Er, bit of a reach, but still plausible, I suppose? :-/

  1. Got the Batman link immediately (without your prompt). 
    But Bruce Wayne was a kind sensitive guy in all those TV programmes, surely not a playboy… (no?)

  2. I am so chuffed with the way you have all taken up what I thought was going to be a bit of silliness. This piece is turning into a serial. I can imagine at least one more part!

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