100 word assignment – WEEK 25

Bored Now
Well, surprise, surprise! Here I am again. Every year the same. Dragged out to participate in some pointless event for another strapped charity. Probably in the wet and cold. Its not that I even like doing it!

And I look the same as all the rest. I want to get noticed, bit of tinsel, different colour, some lights? But no, have to conform. Its tradition. Boring! Still, got that party to look forward to tonight. Maybe I’ll get lucky.

Oh, theres the gun, we’re off!

Of course, it had to beΒ raining, but at least I’ll keep her head dry.

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25 thoughts on “100 word assignment – WEEK 25

  1. That was great – I was just beginning to imagine what kind of party-wear she would choose and then did a double-take (double-read!) as I got to the last sentence.

    • Thanks, DITR. You probably noticed I was trying to get the thoughts to fit in from both perspectives and was deliberately ambiguous to hoodwink the reader. Noticed others doing the same in earlier prompts last year, so thought I’d have a go.

  2. I love the comment from the hat at the end, too! It adds another dimension!
    Thanks for your comment on my piece, too! Glad you liked it! Hope you – and indeed all my friends from 100WC – dropped in for a glass of champage to celebrate the New Year too!

  3. This should have been titled ‘Bored Now…Thoughts of a Hat’! Brilliant – I bet there are many items of clothing that think that every day! Now that gives me an idea!!!

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