100 word assignment – WEEK 26

Day 16?
Has it been that long? I cannot tell. The raft leaks more each brilliant day, the mocking sea, a glorious aquamarine. Like Sisyphus, He punishes our endurance! Yet, our water dwindles – each night, I wake betrayed, my body lathered cold with sweat, aghast at what we did.

At how we acted. In those desperate moments after impact.

Now, just three remain, the aeroplane and evidence within lost to the fathomless depths.
Here, while my companions sleep, I seek written absolution. I pray its enough, for what I’ve done.

And, God forgive me … for what I have yet to do.

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30 thoughts on “100 word assignment – WEEK 26

    • My guess is that there was only one life raft (a single prop small cargo plane in my minds eye would probably only have one). And they’re running out of food and water …. And he’s a survivor. I think that focusses some people 😦

  1. I didn’t read this so much as see it as a film in my head. It’s chilling! You can’t help but admire his strength even while shuddering at his actions. The other two are obviously survivors too though to have come this far, so what he has yet to do may be a physical as well as mental hurdle.

    Like so much of your writing you’ve left it well open at beginning and end for more of a story. I think there’s definitely a novel in you.

    • The key word here is ‘asleep’, so unless they’re faking, he has the advantage of surprise. If he has a knife, he’ll get the first blow in. Maybe the others are similarly armed. Would be interesting to see who survives and how far each is prepared to go!

  2. “I pray its enough, for what I’ve done.

    And, God forgive me … for what I have yet to do.”

    B-R-I-L-L-I-A-N-T. I surmise he has to eat ANOTHER of his fellow survivors to…survive? Fascinatingly good.

    • Yep, if they’ll let him! They’re not dead yet …. Makes you wonder though – What wouldn’t you do in that situation? Think we all might do unthinkable, unspeakable things to survive if pushed, being our most basic instinct. Glad u thought his words were spot on – tried to capture his despair and horror, marooned like he is.

  3. Ooo this gave me the shivers and made me think of Alive: The Story of the Andes Survivors (there’s a film too)
    I don’t know if that is what you were hinting at… that is what came to my mind in a flash.

    Chilling and effective writing.

    • Yes, I’ve seen it, but not read it, anna. That was harrowing too. I have a number of pieces mentally stored away that I feel could be tailored to julia’s prompts. So long as its not economic or political, when I feel my eyes glaze over …

    • OK, momma, think drugs shipment from/to colombia. Possibky 1950-60s. mechanical failure, sabotage, losing fuel, subsequent crash landing, each survivor forced to kill others to survive. No one’s looking for them as the cargo was illicit anyway. So, this is a moment of truth for all three of them. No ones to know what really happened so the survivor can spin his own yarn to the rescuers. If any. And then live with his lost humanity 😦

  4. EEK – I’m very glad not to be on that raft! The mind boggles. But that’s terrific, you really created a big story out of a few words, and it came across really powerfully. Good writing!

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    • Why thankyou, snaggle! You’ve prompted me to find a couple of hours to craft week 32. Trying to learn new stuff and its a bit mind boggling, new technology, even understanding established old technology sometimes. Not a lot of time to write and dont like to be rushed. Glad your following ….

  6. This is absolutely brilliant. It is so cinematic and visceral… it would make a terrific opening to a novel. Well done.

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