100 word assignment – WEEK 36

What’s in a name?

“Oh dear! Oh dear! I shall be late!”

“but what was the rabbit late for?” wondered Alice. She illicitly read a little further.

” …but when the Rabbit actually took a watch out of its waistcoat- pocket, and looked at it, and then hurried on, Edith started to her feet ….”

Alice frowned and discarded the rough manuscript. Late rabbits scampered from her thoughts. Uncle Charles, it appeared, had already chosen his favourite to star in his marvelous new novel. Well, she wouldn’t be ignored. If her sister could flirt, so could she. After all, there was that rowing trip planned for tomorrow…. She grinned slyly, suddenly thoughtful, and quietly left the study.

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100 word assignment – WEEK 35

Paradise Found

Simon placed the black box on the boardroom table.

“Welcome to the Imaginatrix 3000, a portal to the next generation of immersive online entertainment.” Simon unwound the electrodes. “Simply affix these to your temples and be transported to your personal ideal fantasy world. Along with your friends. The potential is huge. Who wouldn’t buy this?”

Executives from Microsoft, Apple, Nintendo and Sony suddenly looked interested.

“In return for a massive reduction in lead times and R&D budgets, we’re asking 20% of your annual profits for five years to market your own brand.”

“And this.” The coup d’etat; Simon flourished the red box dramatically.
“Controls them all”.

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100 word assignment – WEEK 34

No, you turned it on …

“…but I turned it off, I deliberately entered the wrong code three times. Its a failsafe mechanism designed to protect the payload.” The lieutenant punched the wall in frustration. “Its still hot and clicking.”

Joshua took a deep breath. “Bradock’s extremely clever, he’s thought of
this already. He must have used uncoded circuit boards and reversed
polarity.” His voice tailed off as he registered the appalling truth. His
face drained of color. “You’ve just activated a nuclear warhead, my

Like an edict of Fate, the main panel came to life and scarlet digits began their inexorable descent towards oblivion. 30.00 … 29.59 … 29.58 …

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100 word assignment – WEEK 33


The stallion was magnificent. Perhaps their intent was genuine.

“A gift, from our king to yours. We desire only peace.”
The emissary bowed and joined his dark companion. They shared a hooded glance.

“Sire”, Lord Griffin cautioned his liege. “Do not underestimate the Forest Elves.” He angled a shield of polished steel.

The steed’s reflection rippled, its flesh dissolving as the glamour fled.
A driftwood skeleton emerged, a parody of life, its edges razored sharp in all directions. Cinder eyes smoldered. This was not a King’s mount.

Octavian scowled.

“Tell me”. His demand was no less cutting. “What piece DID you desire?”

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100 word assignment – WEEK 32

Where is she? They’re about to start. Phew, she’s waving.
She can’t believe it. Her big day, I’ve missed all the others.
Work, you know how it is.

“Hey, Kim, surprise!” Mark, the Fool. Bugger off. I want a picture.

“Hi, look, my daughter’s about to jump. Later.”

Deflated. Then, mischievious grin. He’s noticed the camera.

“Ooo, photos. Naughty, naughty.” Reproving. Rules, like I care.
“But …” Don’t say it, please, its not original.

” … you must take a leap of Faith!” Harrah, you’re a comedian.

Forget him. Shes running. Got her. Oh no, it’s blurred. Wrong setting.
And the Head’s seen me. Mark!

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