100 word assignment – WEEK 32

Where is she? They’re about to start. Phew, she’s waving.
She can’t believe it. Her big day, I’ve missed all the others.
Work, you know how it is.

“Hey, Kim, surprise!” Mark, the Fool. Bugger off. I want a picture.

“Hi, look, my daughter’s about to jump. Later.”

Deflated. Then, mischievious grin. He’s noticed the camera.

“Ooo, photos. Naughty, naughty.” Reproving. Rules, like I care.
“But …” Don’t say it, please, its not original.

” … you must take a leap of Faith!” Harrah, you’re a comedian.

Forget him. Shes running. Got her. Oh no, it’s blurred. Wrong setting.
And the Head’s seen me. Mark!

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6 thoughts on “100 word assignment – WEEK 32

    • Thanks, busy learning new stuff, still am, but will try and submit the odd entry when I can. Can’t guarantee each week but would like to keep my hand in. Got to get back to it now. Ta ra.

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