100 word assignment – WEEK 33


The stallion was magnificent. Perhaps their intent was genuine.

“A gift, from our king to yours. We desire only peace.”
The emissary bowed and joined his dark companion. They shared a hooded glance.

“Sire”, Lord Griffin cautioned his liege. “Do not underestimate the Forest Elves.” He angled a shield of polished steel.

The steed’s reflection rippled, its flesh dissolving as the glamour fled.
A driftwood skeleton emerged, a parody of life, its edges razored sharp in all directions. Cinder eyes smoldered. This was not a King’s mount.

Octavian scowled.

“Tell me”. His demand was no less cutting. “What piece DID you desire?”

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20 thoughts on “100 word assignment – WEEK 33

    • Well, battle seems inevitable – if i was to continue, one of the elves would try to assassinate the king. The other would spur the ‘horse’. Both don’t expect to live now that their deception is rumbled. Griffin has dealt with these Elves before, so knows what they’re capable of. He’s ranged archers in the gallery, just in case of treachery, I would think, or prepared a pit. How the battle unfolds is anyone’s guess, but expect one or both elves to be hoist with they’re own petard in the climax as particularly fitting rough justice 😀

  1. Welcome back M’dear! We’ve missed you. This week’s prompt seems to have tempted quite a few people back. I loved your dark humour and the play on peace/piece 🙂

    • Well, cant stay away forever, SJ, and I do like historical fantasy. but might be a bit sporadic from now on. Have to learn rather than write 😦 But I’ll keep my hand in. Darkly humorous, if i can. I’ll read some of the others when I can this week. Cheerio for now.

  2. Really wonderful atmosphere, here, your words are so fitting to the scene. I enjoyed the little play on words at the end. This could easily go on to be something bigger.

  3. I’ve enjoyed the different ways different writers interpreted this prompt. And – while I can hardly do fantasy, myself, these days – it’s always nice to see those trappings applied even to a smaller vignette like this. The treachery of the elves is so dark – I love the way you’ve described the horse!

    The only critique I would have is that your punctuation should always come within the quotation marks, such as:
    * “Sire,” Lord Griffin cautioned his liege. *

    Nice and strong moment, though!

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