100 word assignment – WEEK 35

Paradise Found

Simon placed the black box on the boardroom table.

“Welcome to the Imaginatrix 3000, a portal to the next generation of immersive online entertainment.” Simon unwound the electrodes. “Simply affix these to your temples and be transported to your personal ideal fantasy world. Along with your friends. The potential is huge. Who wouldn’t buy this?”

Executives from Microsoft, Apple, Nintendo and Sony suddenly looked interested.

“In return for a massive reduction in lead times and R&D budgets, we’re asking 20% of your annual profits for five years to market your own brand.”

“And this.” The coup d’etat;ย Simon flourished the red box dramatically.
“Controls them all”.

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15 thoughts on “100 word assignment – WEEK 35

      • This technology would be driven underground, I fear, as no way would this be allowed on the market. The addiction would be too great. With so many people leading less than great lives, who could resist the lure and the promise? And what if, you not only experienced the fantasy, but the device actually implanted memories …, ones you could remember as if it happened for real? No question which industry would be the *first* to exploit that little feature …

    • So there’s nothing you wouldn’t want to realise as though it was real, economics, time constraints and social taboos notwithstanding ๐Ÿ˜‰ I dont think I mentioned the word ‘game’ at all … be advised, it’ll happen sooner than we think …

      • Erm….no! Why would I want to experience anything as if it were real when there is so much in the world to experience that is real? I think I’ll leave the little black and red boxes to everyone else and stick with the life I’ve got.

  1. you could experience what its like to summit Everest without ever leaving your armchair, or see the world from space as if you were an astronaut, or do any one of a myriad things that would cost too much money, time or … consequences in the real world. The box would give answers to that question ‘i wonder what that would be like?’. But its not without its dangers – curiosity did kill the cat after all.

    • Spooky! their black box is called an i-phone, bet there’s a red one somewhere … question is, would you volunteer for their research? I’m intrigued and probably would. Probably turn me into some sort of drone …

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