100 word assignment – WEEK 39

Fugitive Magic

“You summoned me, Highness, but how? I am too old.” He suddenly couldn’t see because of all the coats.

“You believe. It is enough,” the haughty voice replied.

“But how did you escape?” He was confused.

“A simple glamour” Even muffled, her disdain was unmistakable. “I bent the portal enchantments so that you could lead me to safety.”

Abruptly, they entered the attic.

“Of course, He discovered the illusion and I was pursued through the forest.” She sighed, dejectedly.

“Now you know why I’m exhausted. Shut the door behind you, Professor,” gesturing towards the wardrobe. “You really wouldn’t want the Narnia I know loose in your world.”

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100 word assignment – WEEK 38

This isn’t a sonnet by my reckoning, but its what I’m submitting and it’s not about George – there’s enough on him already! Now, I should really do some work …

Burning Bright

Past mans prediction,
Life’s turbulent weather,
Winds out of nowhere
That buffet and dance.
Victim and schemer
Be both fools together,
Deceit persuades one
His poor hopes to advance.
Regret and desire
Chase the years, hell-for-leather.
Till one is impaled,
Upon Destiny’s lance.

Once, there was friendship,
Now broken and hollow.
Men fight for nothing
And think its for all.
Triumph and glory
Are tempered with sorrow.
As treachery deepens,
So honest words pall.
The plans of the present
Are the chaff of tomorrow!
But I’ll have my sweet vengeance,
‘Fore I answer Fate’s call

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100 word assignment – WEEK 37

This piece is a continuation of the post found at Diabetic Redemption.

Devil’s Advocate

“If we excuse one author, the English language is forever lost.”

Miss ‘Strychnine’ turned away. Obviously, the discussion was over.
This lady’s arrogance was breathtaking! Judith rose resolutely from her desk.

“Yet these words remain the thoughts of a child, not Dodgson’s linking prose. He knows the rules, but he’s thinking as Alice would. Of”

Miss Strachan returned a ghostly smile, the riposte not lost on her. For an instant, Judith saw wonder, guile and a fleeting admiration cross her teacher’s face. It wasn’t often students chose to fence and win.

“You know, Judith,” she conceded, “you should really teach.”

Entirely out of character, she winked, the class gasped and Judith flushed victorious.

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