100 word assignment – WEEK 37

This piece is a continuation of the post found at Diabetic Redemption.

Devil’s Advocate

“If we excuse one author, the English language is forever lost.”

Miss ‘Strychnine’ turned away. Obviously, the discussion was over.
This lady’s arrogance was breathtaking! Judith rose resolutely from her desk.

“Yet these words remain the thoughts of a child, not Dodgson’s linking prose. He knows the rules, but he’s thinking as Alice would. Of”

Miss Strachan returned a ghostly smile, the riposte not lost on her. For an instant, Judith saw wonder, guile and a fleeting admiration cross her teacher’s face. It wasn’t often students chose to fence and win.

“You know, Judith,” she conceded, “you should really teach.”

Entirely out of character, she winked, the class gasped and Judith flushed victorious.

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15 thoughts on “100 word assignment – WEEK 37

  1. You are really ‘getting down & dirty’ with this language stuff aren’t you! 😉

    I enjoyed this & do think it has the legs for some more episodes!

    • Well, with such a pompous prompt, she could not not do battle really. It would make my blood boil too. I couldn’t let ‘Strychnine’ have the last word. Secretly, I think the prompt was a jibe to get a rise out of Judith. Strachan doesn’t really believe it, does she?

  2. Three cheers for Judith. Students should think for themselves, and not parrot what the teacher says.
    Anyway, Churchill is reputed to have said of “don’t end sentences with prepositions”: this is a rule up with which I will not put!

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