100 word assignment – WEEK 38

This isn’t a sonnet by my reckoning, but its what I’m submitting and it’s not about George – there’s enough on him already! Now, I should really do some work …

Burning Bright

Past mans prediction,
Life’s turbulent weather,
Winds out of nowhere
That buffet and dance.
Victim and schemer
Be both fools together,
Deceit persuades one
His poor hopes to advance.
Regret and desire
Chase the years, hell-for-leather.
Till one is impaled,
Upon Destiny’s lance.

Once, there was friendship,
Now broken and hollow.
Men fight for nothing
And think its for all.
Triumph and glory
Are tempered with sorrow.
As treachery deepens,
So honest words pall.
The plans of the present
Are the chaff of tomorrow!
But I’ll have my sweet vengeance,
‘Fore I answer Fate’s call

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12 thoughts on “100 word assignment – WEEK 38

  1. That’s what I love so much about you – your rebellious nature. “It’s not a sonnet and it’s not about George but I don’t care!”

    Well, I think it’s a mighty fine non-sonnet and I’m sure the others will too 🙂

  2. This is so deep and powerful. Despite the challenge of writing them, I think adding structure (like a sonnet) to poetry can inspire incredible beauty and depth. You have surpassed the challenge, in my humble opinion.

    • It was a labour of love writing them! I wanted to get an evocative word in each line. Prediction, deceit, triumph, regret, friendship, fight … he’s a man on a mission, but, what happens when its over? What’s left? If revenge is a meal best served cold, he’d best set the table for two. And, in the end, dining alone is all he can look forward to.

  3. These words (unfortunately) ring a little too true to me hehehe but I did enjoy this very much… very beautifully written, like watching a painter create a masterpiece .. would love to see more verse from you in future, I could do with a little competition hehehe

    • Ahhh, took too much time already, I’m afraid. I’m not a natural and had to work at it but yours seems clever and effortless . But I can string a few words together when pushed … and glad it struck a chord, all-be-it unfortunate!

  4. Now then – do you need to go to the Head’s Office? No of course you don’t you naughty boy! I’m glad you steered away from the instructions because you have presented a really moving piece. I think it is very topical even though it is not about the boys! Thank you for taking the time to join in this rather tricky challenge!

    • To be honest, I really couldn’t get myself enthused with sonnets and had other things I needed to do this week so got a tad rebelious. Which is why the piece is so edgy. Glad ur still following, anna.

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