100 word assignment – WEEK 39

Fugitive Magic

“You summoned me, Highness, but how? I am too old.” He suddenly couldn’t see because of all the coats.

“You believe. It is enough,” the haughty voice replied.

“But how did you escape?” He was confused.

“A simple glamour” Even muffled, her disdain was unmistakable. “I bent the portal enchantments so that you could lead me to safety.”

Abruptly, they entered the attic.

“Of course, He discovered the illusion and I was pursued through the forest.” She sighed, dejectedly.

“Now you know why I’m exhausted. Shut the door behind you, Professor,” gesturing towards the wardrobe. “You really wouldn’t want the Narnia I know loose in your world.”

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17 thoughts on “100 word assignment – WEEK 39

  1. Oh I knew it was Narnia as soon as you mentioned the coats (we’re back to my love of kids books again) – that was a great detail. This took me right back to childhood and reading all these for the first time. Fabulous idea!

    • Ahh, I wondered whether I mentioned the coats too early but you do have an advantage. I wanted the door to be significant and not just any door. Be interested to know who else cottoned on as quick? :p

    • I worked backwards from the prompt, trying to make some significance out of the door. This was the only idea that had some merit. Then I thought that if the wardrobe allowed kids in why not the other way round?

  2. I love this. I guessed Narnia when you mentioned coats and was delighted that was case. A part of me still holds the dream of a secret place through a wardrobe…nothing else in that genre has come close IMHO . Nice piece.

    • Thought i’d given the game away too early, Anna, but it seems to have encouraged most readers! I think we might would want Aslan’s Narnia loose in our world, but not from her point of view! I tried to make her sound wry, since now she is! :O

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