100 word assignment – WEEK 43

The Need to Know

Silently, the dwarf took my hat, cane and spotless gloves and motioned to an open door where candles danced with spectres in the dark. The Hansom wheels had faded on the cobbles and trepidation dared my thin resolve. But to leave a coward now would condemn my fragile conscience to a city full of charlatans.

I entered, without thinking of the consequencies.

Already, there were four upon the table: the Lovers, the Fool, Temperance and Justice. The flame flickered before their upturned faces; the crone had begun before I’d even left the hallway.

Deliberately, she overturned the last card and cackled with contempt.


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100 word assignment – WEEK 42

My first attempt at crime writing …

Crime Doesn’t Pay

I slip in through the window like a ghost.

It’s laughable; even bribing justice, they don’t expect I’ll come. They’re lords of their own sordid empire, drunk on their own overconfident liberty. Still, if Gotham’s a diseased apple, you can always crush the maggots.

I glide to the bed; he’s there, dreaming an abattoir of lust. Maybe tomorrow, he’d make them real. I wake him, just to hear him beg.

“Please, dont kill me.” His eyes are enormous.

Streetglow decays my mask to yellow.
“Don’t worry,” I assure him, “I wont.”

I crack a leathered fist into his face.
“Not for ages.”

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100 word assignment – WEEK 41


prehistoric bones

Time to impress, he thought, and touched a button that removed the solar shield.

The observation deck was suddenly consumed by the Earth’s curve; minute flecks shone as starlight from the surface. He enlarged one with digital precision.

“This is the mark 2 harvester. It strips the flesh, packages the meat and buries the bones. Simply, efficiently and economically. A dinosaur can be processed in minutes.”

“If we cull too many,” an investor warned, “wont the mammals become dominant?”

Xantor waved a tentacle dismissively.

“If we haven’t found a more nutritious planet by then,” he shrugged, “we wont care what we eat.”

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100 word assignment – WEEK 40

The Devil’s Delight

The Vatican Vaults, 1510
“I hesitated to inform you, Holiness, but conscience demanded.”

Julius patted Carafa’s shoulder.
“Fret not, my friend. It concerns the artist, yes?”

The aged cardinal bowed and raised his candle to where a fresco remained unfinished. “He works on this at night.”

Pandemonium exalted before them, desolate shores charred black in a molten sea. Souls writhed, angels wept, while Satan laughed in a demon hoard, a scarlet jewel thrust mockingly towards Heaven. Beneath was written, ‘The Heart of Man’.

“Shall I dismiss him?” Carafa implored.

The Pope was still admiring the brushwork.
“No, let him continue.”

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