100 word assignment – WEEK 41


prehistoric bones

Time to impress, he thought, and touched a button that removed the solar shield.

The observation deck was suddenly consumed by the Earth’s curve; minute flecks shone as starlight from the surface. He enlarged one with digital precision.

“This is the mark 2 harvester. It strips the flesh, packages the meat and buries the bones. Simply, efficiently and economically. A dinosaur can be processed in minutes.”

“If we cull too many,” an investor warned, “wont the mammals become dominant?”

Xantor waved a tentacle dismissively.

“If we haven’t found a more nutritious planet by then,” he shrugged, “we wont care what we eat.”

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24 thoughts on “100 word assignment – WEEK 41

  1. Ah huh! I always knew there was more to the end of the dinosaurs than a mass extinction by a meteorite or some biblical flood. We should link paleontology with astronomy to find where these interplanetary environmental vandals originated. 🙂

    • I’m not sure there’s a lot we could do if we did, Ross, and would they even care? In 65 million years, they’re probably extinct themselves or gods :O Maybe we’re just not that nutritious … yet!

  2. So *that’s* what happened to the dinosaurs. I guess we should take better care of our wildlife so that we don’t one day become the largest mammals on the planet.

    • If they were hungry enough, Sal, I’m sure they’d take it all, not just the largest and there’s probably squat we could do to stop them, Independence Day notwithstanding! I want to believe in Star Trek, but if the tables were turned, would we be any different, especially if survival is at stake?

    • Ah, you’d never teach anything else for the whole lesson, Anna! There’s no reason to think that ETs would only visit when a sentient species was dominant.

  3. I loved this creative explanation for the missing dinosaurs. you suppose they’re still up there, using us as appetisers? I just hope they don’t run out of frozen dinosaur meat!

    • 65 million years is a long time for a civilization. I guess, others with similar thoughts might be out there with different nutritional requirements ….:/

    • They’re all gone now, and they’re a lot more of us. And maybe they’re not so choosy or have evolved into things that now find us tasty. Agggghhh!

  4. Thank goodness, years of debate cleared up in 100 words! I wonder if alien abductees talking of probes, didn’t pass the muster as food and were returned to the kitchen that is planet earth?

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