100 word assignment – WEEK 42

My first attempt at crime writing …

Crime Doesn’t Pay

I slip in through the window like a ghost.

It’s laughable; even bribing justice, they don’t expect I’ll come. They’re lords of their own sordid empire, drunk on their own overconfident liberty. Still, if Gotham’s a diseased apple, you can always crush the maggots.

I glide to the bed; he’s there, dreaming an abattoir of lust. Maybe tomorrow, he’d make them real. I wake him, just to hear him beg.

“Please, dont kill me.” His eyes are enormous.

Streetglow decays my mask to yellow.
“Don’t worry,” I assure him, “I wont.”

I crack a leathered fist into his face.
“Not for ages.”

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17 thoughts on “100 word assignment – WEEK 42

    • Gotham gives it away. In my mind, the ‘victim’ is another mob boss whose got away with it too many times. His last syndicated ‘job’ was a little girl who witnessed too much and her family was blown up to erase her. This struck a chord with the vigilante, whose own parents were gunned down in front of him so this visit is personal. You know who it is …

      • That’s a lot of backstory you’ve got going on there. πŸ™‚ I know Batman mostly these days from the recent films, so after what he learned about discipline in the first film I wasn’t so sure your main character was him.

        As a purely scary piece, I still think it evokes madness and looming violence very well.

        • Accepted. So, maybe an alternate reality, then, or an older, more jaded, copycat performing retribution in his name, that the REAL batman could hunt down as his reputation becomes slowly tarnished. This vigilante might not be the original …

  1. I’m sure I know who one of the characters is, and I definitely prefer this dark side to the jolly “pow! kerthunk!”. I’m not the expert you are so you’ll probably tell me I’m wrong, but I always imagine him to be bordering on insanity himself…

    • Yeah, having your parents shot dead in front of you, could do that :/
      There’s a definite blur between the criminal and the vigilante. There’s a need for primal revenge in all of us that are wronged, so if justice didn’t work, we might all don a mask and a cape, well, those who were touched or unhinged! He’s not mad, though, yet, just driven, obsessed and angry at the inadequacy of the system, with the abilities and resources to make a difference. Hell on relationships, though. But you’re right, gritty crime shouldn’t use ‘Kapow’ or ‘Thunk’ πŸ™‚ Leave that in the camp 60s.

    • “the streets are extended gutters and the gutters are full of blood, and when the drains finally scab over, all the vermin will drown …” I heard this fantastic line on Watchmen and thought, I want to write a gritty crime piece, mainly because it gives authors an excuse to go to really dark places and not be accused of being too sick and on the brink of losing my job, I don’t feel especially happy. So I wrote this. Guess I was inspired. Thanks.

      • It just goes to show, inspiration can come from anywhere. I enjoy crawling off into darker places sometimes. I think as a writer it keeps you from getting stale. In this case “gritty” was fantastic!

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