100 word assignment – WEEK 45

It says so in your contract …

The mirror says it all. If that’s not enough, my colleagues’ faces spell it out.
I look ridiculous! I throw my line manager a pained expression I reserve for imbeciles
but it doesn’t spoil his day.

“Now don’t get hissy, your Hamleys contract’s binding. And Kevin’s ill. Look, wear
this purple stocking, you’ll look just like him.”
Thanks. Small print. Each time, I swear I’ll read it. Why couldn’t I be Jessie?

‘Jessie’ grins coquettishly at me, tosses her braids, fondles ‘Woody’. Of course,
she’s prettier than me. I scowl but Jason’s busy rallying the troops.

“Right, now that there’s a real Buzz about this place, let’s sell some toys!”

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11 thoughts on “100 word assignment – WEEK 45

    • Ta, Rachael, Just trying to be original in some offbeat way. Always try and play with the prompt, if I can, either laterally or somehow make it integral to the story.

    • She. Kevin’s ill. ‘real Buzz’ in Jason’s last line is mild tongue-in-cheek sarcasm as no way does she fit the bill as the real deal, even with a stocking! Hence the embarrassment. Wondering if u’d comment. Glad u did 🙂

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