100 word assignment – WEEK 46


Its happening again.

He’s there, his rabid presence gnawing at the edges of my reason.
My temples throb with fractured sight. In anguish, I steal myself to drink the last of Jekyll’s stolen potions but it’s all that stands before the Reaper and the storm. I swallow, in guilty, blessed, luxury, till sanity returns.

Yet, locked in the dark recess of my mind, where the creature howls in vengeance, I touch the patient madness yet to come. And weep. God grant me courage, let Mary be the last!

I take the pistol from the drawer.

I cannot wake, exhausted, to the whisper of his name.


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14 thoughts on “100 word assignment – WEEK 46

  1. I also read it a few times and could still find a number of interpretations. The madness subdued by stolen drugs and, is he going to shoot Mary meanwhile? Does he kill people when the madness attacks? Scary.

    • I admit, this is a bit of a mystery. Tell you what, I’ll change Henry to Jekyll and it’ll all make sense. You’re right, he does kill during blackouts. And the last of those was Mary.

  2. Mmmm intriguing. A werewolf perhaps, or a vampire? Most definitely a tortured soul. My guess is he wants to kill himself before he does any more damage. On the other hand I could be way out. So much said in so few words; brilliant.

    • Nope, you’re on the right track. Jekyll is the key word here. It was Henry but thought it was too vague. He’s no werewolf or vampire though, bit closer to home; the Hyde that bides within us all.

    • It just came to me, thinking about dark recesses, that Hyde could live there and that he and Jack could be one and the same, especially as they’re both of the same era. But since Jekyll died, have someone else suffer, maybe someone whose found or stolen a vial or ten but is still unaware of the full consequences of his actions.

  3. Clever indeed. His demons are much more difficult to resist than the average ones. Seems he’s decided to make the ultimate choice. This one’s not only clever; your rich depiction of his inner dilemma scared me some.

    • Hope it did, its a diabolical choice 😦 He might even be a friend of Jekyll’s, and nicked his potions when his back was turned. Actually, that would fit, as that would make the ‘Surgeon Ripper Theory’ a little more believable in this context, if he was a doctor too. Took me a while to come up with that last line, but it popped into my head during a phone call and I had to write it down!

  4. I thought of Jekyll and Hyde straight away, when this popped into my inbox – that was even before you changed Henry to Jekyll. Maybe I’ve spent too long around the dark recesses of your mind 😉

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