100 word assignment – WEEK 47

Such wonderful magic …

The goblins stopped working and admired their creation. A red and yellow taxi hooted cheekily behind them.

“This wasn’t here yesterday,” Noddy observed. “Have you got permission?” Self righteous and irritating, but very naive. Pefect. Sly held onto his temper.

“Are you buying or spying?”, he enquired innocently, ignoring Gobbo’s inane giggle. “Only the finest Earl Grey for Toytown cars.”

Foolishly, Noddy relented. “But I’m still telling PC Plod …..”

Abruptly, the car accelerated to the horizon, Noddy’s scream trailing in its wake. A plume of smoke drifted lazily skywards.

Impressed, Sly chuckled to Gobbo. “Petrol. I told you, humans use such wonderful magic!”

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12 thoughts on “100 word assignment – WEEK 47

  1. I’m really enjoying these takes on the prompt that have a faery tale spin to them. Noddy and Gobbo are so realized, already; there’s no need to dwell on characterization or description for them, which is so beneficial to these short prompts.

    For some reason, I really like the line, A red and yellow taxi hooted cheekily behind them. It fits so perfectly into the situation: bright colors, impatient driver.

    Nicely done, this!

    • You’re right! A hundred words is not enough, so featuring already well known characters means that you feel you know them already. It is a bit of a cheat, but i can’t deny it adds depth. Its a pity Sly and Gobbo always end up in jail. Sly has such exciting innovative schemes while the rest want to maintain the status quo, yawn! Of course, in a kids show, the guilty must be punished, so I thought here they should get away with it ;D At least until Plod turns up …

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