100 word assignments – WEEK 52


He was beautiful. Serene. So flawless that his face denied perfection.

His trial was almost over.

Celestial light and thunder blazed around him.
“Enough! I am omnipotent. Yet, I am merciful. Repent.”

Morningstar was unimpressed. “What of the cities you destroyed? The plagues and floods? Where was your mercy then?”

A satisfying pause. “I am as just as I am loving. Will you not love me in return?”

“No.” Then, the immortal line. The Host shifted uncomfortably.

Morningstar included his brethren. “We’ll embrace together the flames. But your world will burn with us.”

Unconcerned, the Lord smiled towards his only Son.

“We shall see.”

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100 word assignments – WEEK 51


Never underestimate your source. Dead dicks do.

Even so, I barely make the scene. Gotham’s finest have chalked the stiff already – the line was drawn flat across the neck. Hilarious. I guess he collects them.  I nod to a badge who owes me.

Questions pour down like the rain. This case is riddled with possibilities. But first, I have to see if he was right.

I unzip the bag. The costumes yellow green against the red and the truth hits me like a .45 slug.

Someone’s gunning for masks and made it personal.

He not only wants to hurt the Bat. He wants to fight him.

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100 word assignments – WEEK 50

American Gothic 

He came just before the harvest.

The sun kissed corn was ripe and the neighbours ranches had all the hands they needed. He was just another drifter with a twinkle in his eye but father knew at once he would be trouble. Yet he could not work alone and the winter would not wait. So he hung his pride and hired him while mother bit her lip.

That winter, the rain turned the road into a river and we never saw him again.
But the barn is full and, though the township spurn us, we eat.

And I dream.

This time, I’ll tell my parents that my son will have a brother.

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100 word assignment – WEEK 49


“Look, I’ll show you. Murray was just about to serve for the Championship when it happens.” Agent Bagitt froze the playback. A lance of brilliant light stabbed towards the Scot in a single frame.

“Subsequently, Murray forfeit, complaining of blurred vision. But this was found in the aisles.” He tossed a compact silver tube on the table. “A strobe gun, an improved version of the one we used in Paris.”

The Chief eye’s flickered. “But I never authorized this.”

Bagitt made to leave. “I’ll find out who did. Murray lost to keep us hungry. And distracted.”

The Chief contemplated the closed door before picking up the phone.
“Sir, we have a problem.”

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100 word assignment – WEEK 48


Billy stole towards the ruins, the meat and linen weighing heavy. They were wrong; the flashes, the gunfire, the screams, days old, but still too close to be ignored.

“You going somewhere, son?”

His father materialized from the gloom. Billy froze.

“You think we wouldn’t miss these supplies? We need them too.” He shook his head. “To think, I blamed it on the dog.”

A dry, sickly cough made him turn. The wounded man had crawled from rubble, his uniform, a tattered rag. A long breath rattled in his chest and he was still.

Billy tugged his dad’s limp fingers, eyes shining.
“Please, don’t go. He has friends.”

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