100 word assignment – WEEK 48


Billy stole towards the ruins, the meat and linen weighing heavy. They were wrong; the flashes, the gunfire, the screams, days old, but still too close to be ignored.

“You going somewhere, son?”

His father materialized from the gloom. Billy froze.

“You think we wouldn’t miss these supplies? We need them too.” He shook his head. “To think, I blamed it on the dog.”

A dry, sickly cough made him turn. The wounded man had crawled from rubble, his uniform, a tattered rag. A long breath rattled in his chest and he was still.

Billy tugged his dad’s limp fingers, eyes shining.
“Please, don’t go. He has friends.”

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10 thoughts on “100 word assignment – WEEK 48

    • If it inspires you, B, then I’ve earned a bonus as well as enjoyed wordsmithing. 100 words is not a lot so forces u to be economical and accurate, which it key. Less is more, especially as you dont want to bore ur readership. Each sentence counts if you want to convey a story or a scene too.

  1. First Noddy, then this…. You’re getting soft in your old age m’dear! Seriously, I enjoyed it. Very emotional and nice to see you spreading your wings and branching out into other styles.

    • Yeah, well, found myself going to a place I didn’t much like with the first draft, Sal, so made a allegorical change of direction. Might try other changes too. Can’t just stick with one emotion. No luck with job yet 😦 Doing this keeps me dwelling too much on depressing thoughts …

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