100 word assignment – WEEK 49


“Look, I’ll show you. Murray was just about to serve for the Championship when it happens.” Agent Bagitt froze the playback. A lance of brilliant light stabbed towards the Scot in a single frame.

“Subsequently, Murray forfeit, complaining of blurred vision. But this was found in the aisles.” He tossed a compact silver tube on the table. “A strobe gun, an improved version of the one we used in Paris.”

The Chief eye’s flickered. “But I never authorized this.”

Bagitt made to leave. “I’ll find out who did. Murray lost to keep us hungry. And distracted.”

The Chief contemplated the closed door before picking up the phone.
“Sir, we have a problem.”

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10 thoughts on “100 word assignment – WEEK 49

  1. Very nice espionage take, with this one. I really like the way you build that tension, with just those few words; I understand the whole backstory instantly. And all of those great details – “the one we used in Paris” is perhaps my favorite line – just compound the anxiety.

    • Its only a theory. “Hungry” as in wanting him to win so bad we’d be less likely to follow anything else and “distracted” as it would be a good time to bury bad news or look too closely at other national events. Initially, I thought about having his opponent get knobbled, but thought it more dramatic if he fell on the verge pf victory. MI5 is just as shadowy as the CIA, I would think. Murray will win when they are good and ready. Haven’t really thought why we might need to be distracted though … Glad it pushed ur buttons.

  2. Tennis star and renowned spy, who knew?
    Very creative use of the prompt! I hope to see more of this little covert world and all the fun little tricks it can do.
    Great work!

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