100 word assignments – WEEK 51


Never underestimate your source. Dead dicks do.

Even so, I barely make the scene. Gotham’s finest have chalked the stiff already – the line was drawn flat across the neck. Hilarious. I guess he collects them.  I nod to a badge who owes me.

Questions pour down like the rain. This case is riddled with possibilities. But first, I have to see if he was right.

I unzip the bag. The costumes yellow green against the red and the truth hits me like a .45 slug.

Someone’s gunning for masks and made it personal.

He not only wants to hurt the Bat. He wants to fight him.

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11 thoughts on “100 word assignments – WEEK 51

  1. Nice one. Good voice with a nice theme running through. I’m not a fan of Batman stuff so maybe the reference was lost on me – did you mean to say ‘bearly make the scene.’ Sorry if I’m being obtuse here.

  2. This has a real American drawl about it- I can imagine it being spoken over the start of a film or TV programme spoken in a voice like Peter Falk / Jackie Cooper (both sadly deceased). I like your style 😉

      • I’ll leave it up, unless you want me to remove! Thought I’d try a different style, for a change. Took longer than usual. Guess you’ve worked out whose in the bag? Wanted a companion story to the other crime piece I wrote earlier. Don’t think Bruce is going to let this slide …

  3. Really interesting voice! I didn’t quite get the reference until the bag was unzipped. (And, I’ve been a Robin fan since I was a little girl, so that had better not be Dick in there…!) 😀

    I like the gumshoe POV. I’ve seen it crop up in other pieces, too, but this is a new take on it. Reads more like the Shadow, to me, than Batman (Wayne, anyway)…or, perhaps, Jim Corrigan? There’s a brusque harshness there – almost like a jaded feeling – that’s very telling. The loss of life isn’t so much impacting as the ramifications of said murder.

    I really like that second paragraph, by the way – so much disgust in those so few words. Well done! 🙂

    • Unfortunately, it is Robin, but it might not be Dick. Maybe someone pretending, who thought he was good enough and got mistaken as the real deal. The real Dick may yet be still alive. I was aiming for passing wry observation in the second paragraph but disgust works too. I feel this guy is so jaded, he’s only excited by the story each scene tells, not the human cost. Guess thats what it takes to stay sane in a crazy city.

      • Nooooo! Diiiiiick! (Just kidding.)

        Like you, I’ve always thought you’d have to be imperturbable (or crazy, yourself) to last in a place like DC’s Gotham. Batman is likely both.

        This has got a great visceral quality to it. Harkens back to the Bob Kane-era Batman (or maybe the Len Wein version…I think it was Wein, who worked with Neal Adams? Maybe it was Wolfman; I forget, now): much more a detective facing twisted crime than the gadget-y character of later incarnations. That’s what made me think of Corrigan.

        I’ve noticed that even your lighter pieces – like the goblin ones – have an edge to them. Not dark, necessarily…but this kind of snarkiness toward convention. It’s very fun to read. 🙂

  4. Though I can only think a of a few of the Bat’s Rogues who would be capable of catching and killing Robin to draw out the Dark Knight, I can’t narrow this down to only one. Which means I would love to read more!

    • Might not be any of the usual suspects, might even be a new badass? What if this is a crossover, like the Elsewhere series, where Metropolis meets Gotham, which throws in a question, ‘what if’. It might even be Luthor, Kingpin (ok, thats Marvel!), or Darkseid? Or one of his minions. Or a common hood who got off a lucky shot during an ambush, left him and someone else took the head as a trophy. Although, I can hear you think, ‘An ordinary thug killed the Boy Wonder. Ridiculous!’. I’ll give it a think. How about more this week?

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