100 word assignments – WEEK 52


He was beautiful. Serene. So flawless that his face denied perfection.

His trial was almost over.

Celestial light and thunder blazed around him.
“Enough! I am omnipotent. Yet, I am merciful. Repent.”

Morningstar was unimpressed. “What of the cities you destroyed? The plagues and floods? Where was your mercy then?”

A satisfying pause. “I am as just as I am loving. Will you not love me in return?”

“No.” Then, the immortal line. The Host shifted uncomfortably.

Morningstar included his brethren. “We’ll embrace together the flames. But your world will burn with us.”

Unconcerned, the Lord smiled towards his only Son.

“We shall see.”

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8 thoughts on “100 word assignments – WEEK 52

    • There’s a few clues as to whose trial this is, his judge and his fate in a wider tableau. I find dialogue quite hard to execute meaningfully, but it seems to drive the story forward better than describing the scene. I think you know whose trial this is …

  1. I have a quote beside my desk that says ‘Good dialogue is never an exchange of information, it’s about a character’s motivation’ you have demonstrated that so well!

    • I wanted a scene that could be read out of context but has a deeper significance when the context is understood. I’ll display that quote on my desk now, Gilly!

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