100 word assignments – WEEK 53

Mexican Nights

Eight men. One dream. And a waggon full of dollars.

The raid had been an astounding success, despite losing Juan and Miguel.
Pedro shrugged. Two less to share.

Elated, he fisted his companion.
“Hey, Blondie, how you gonna spend your dinero?”

The bounty killer didn’t answer. His colt was clean and his eyes impassive but a thin smile tugged at the corners of his mouth. Ironic. The gang was worth so much more than the loot and Reno was only ten miles to the west.

He gazed around the fire. Would seven prove to be too much? He didn’t think so.

They’d all forgotten to reload.

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ps Ok, Ok “prove to be too many”, but I was rushed!


7 thoughts on “100 word assignments – WEEK 53

  1. Nice! I really enjoy your succinct style. It’s especially fitting for a nameless bounty hunter like this (no time to think too long on anything). I think the less proper “too much” works just right, here, too. 😉

    • Yeah, enjoyed writing it. Read a few Dollar Westerns and really enjoyed those too. No name is a lot more wily and cunning in those than Clint is in the films. Although the movies are truly *works* *of* *art*. Bravo Leone.

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