100 word assignments – WEEK 55

stuffed cat


David seethed patiently as Susan screamed into her drive.

“There. Divorce papers. Signed. Like you wanted. You really didn’t need to poison Chester.”

Susan smiled sweetly. “Your flea-ridden mutt must’ve gobbled your vindaloo leftovers. Again.” The documents disappeared. “But, then, he’s none too bright. Like his owner.”

She paused on her threshold, considering.

“And don’t think you’ll capture Ginger. We both know he’s Jellicle-smart.”

David shrugged. “Yeah, he’s such a Rum Tum Tugger!”

Susan smirked and slammed the door.

David turned to leave when he recognized the scream.
Grinning, he samba’d nonchalantly to his car without looking back.

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9 thoughts on “100 word assignments – WEEK 55

    • Well, you probably expected as much! Yeah, you have to include the title to get it. I probably wont be getting many likes from the cat lovers among us …

  1. Oooh the venom! Like War of the Roses, no one wins. Heard today that the official term is mounted. But think stuffed suits this better. Well done.

    • Mounted, I’ll remember that, but it was late last night, Wendy. I think u r right, tho, as I’ve just realised it could also be a play on words, like, everyones stuffed in this scenario.

  2. Have just found out that Bustopher Jones is a fat stately black tom with white feet so have changed him to the Tugger – more in character with Susan, I feel – fickle and unappeasable.

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