21 word assignment – WEEK 17

Your Money or your Life!

'Stand and deliver!', for in winter we shiver,
'No-man-jack to pass!'
Daring the gallows, embracing All Hallows,
'Dandies, gentry, your brass!'
             .... Auld Victorian Highwayman chant

Note: OK, guys, hyphens may be cheating, so replace with 'Noonelse'
- oh no, another cheat, what can I say?

26 thoughts on “21 word assignment – WEEK 17

  1. Reminds me of Adam and the Ants (♥)
    As always you rise to the challenges set by Julia each week. Fitting to the rhythm is more important than the word count for this one (IMO) says she who couldn’t stick to the word count.

    • Ta, Anna, all that I could think that rhymed with shiver was deliver at the time and kind of spun on from there. Think it works quite well, but, admittedly, a tough call. Adam could have sung it! What were his lyrics, I’ll look them up. Sort of thing he would sing! 🙂

  2. I’m not one to pick favourites but, after mine, this is my favourite. I am impressed particularly by ‘no-man-jack’ – is that a certified historic term or something of your own creation? Hyphens are a brilliant way to keep the word-count down. Wish I’d thought of it – instead I spent about an hour searching the web for a three-syllable verb, since my muse was absent after 11pm!

    • Its historic, or strictly speaking, man-jack is. No-man-Jack is my assumed extension, but it seems to fit. Thanks for the thumbs up. Like ‘after mine, this is my favourite’ 😉

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